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Milk cow does not have a long life due to this it is used to make different products that are nutritious and can last for long an example of such products is cheese. There are many different types of cheese depending on which ingredients are put, processing, and characteristics of a cheese this has to be done since people have different tastes and preferences. Cheese are of different types and vary in texture they include cheddar, stilton or parmesan, and camembert.

Cheese is a good source of protein and calcium as we say everything that is good has also the bad side of it cheese has a lot of fat and sodium. Calcium is one of the key minerals in cheese it helps to strengthen the bones, helps in blood clotting and fast healing of wounds. Cheese can also be high in calories, sodium, it contains lactase a sugar that cannot be digested lactose intolerant people and saturated fats hence can lead to health problems such as obesity and heart diseases depending on the amount and the type of cheese consumed. Cheese has a lot of health benefits it is a whole meal meaning many nutrients in one meal it has zinc, phosphorus and riboflavin, vitamin k-2, vitamin A, vitamin b-12 and omega-3 fatty acids which help improve our health.

Cheese making companies have established farms where they rear dairy cattle and other mammals this help to ensure that the cattle are grass-fed. Having their own farms helps them get milk of high quality without contamination also they cannot run out of their raw materials which can end up bringing losses to them. Establishment of this farms also reduces the production cost this help reduce the selling price of the cheese.

Ithaca cheese producers rear their own cattle which supply the firm with the required raw material, it is an added advantage since under the farm tour program they have another source of income. Those visiting should ensure that they check for regular visiting hours different farms have different working hours, though others have irregular visit hours so they should ensure that they communicate with the farm’s administration first so as to arrange on when to visit the farms. Payments for these visits can be made using Visa, Mastercard, cheques, American Express and also in terms of cash. To read more on this visits and get updates on events follow them on their social media platforms and also to get the experience of those who have visited earlier. They value and appreciate their customers for their support and their main aim is to supply high quality and nutritious cheese for their customers.

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