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Benefits Of Used Car Dealerships

Brand new cars are glittering, and this drives many to buy, but experienced car buyers know the value of buying used cars. There are numerous advantages of buying a used car as discussed below. The main advantage of used car dealerships is that you get to save a significant amount of cash. Most of the used cars are sold for prices that are on average 50% lower than those of brand new cars. That means if you get financing, you can pay off the used car faster than when you get a new car.

When you buy a used vehicle, bulk depreciation of the car has already taken place. It is a fact that cars depreciate so much as soon as they are driven out of the lot.

In the fact the value of vehicles has been known to about 11% of the initial price once they leave the garage. The vehicle continues to depreciate at this rate as time goes by. That means as at the time when you are buying the used vehicle, a lot of depreciation has already occurred. You can even be surprised that some used vehicle might even gain some value.

The other good thing about used vehicles is that they do not have exaggerated fees as compared to new vehicles. If you bought a brand new car; you are likely to meet some crazy hidden fees such as shipping charges, destination charges and even dealer preparation charges. It is not surprising to see a new car dealer charging their clients some advertising fee and the amount can go up to as high as $ 1000. A used car has no such hidden charges which mean you get to save some good money.

When compared to new vehicles, used vehicles have cheaper customization costs. To customize a new vehicle you have to pay expensively. This way you can save some good money to spend for other purposes.

Used car dealerships also come with valid certification as well as a thorough inspection. Used car dealerships ensure that the used cars that they sell are thoroughly inspected, certified and refurbished by the relevant authorities or the manufacturer.
The new car dealerships merely hold to the new car assurance while used car dealerships go extra miles to offer special financing, extended warranty, and other benefits. While some used car dealerships have cars with the original warranty,others will offer you the chance to get a new warranty.

When you buy used cars; you get to pay lower premiums than the premiums required for a new vehicle. When compared to new car dealerships, new car dealerships attracts a lower registration fee per year.

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