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Stem Cell Therapy Promises Treatment for A Variety of Ailments

As we become old, our body becomes old at the same time. A number of conditions are going through changes without being seen for years, such as reduced blood vessel resiliency and gradual depletion of bone tissue, besides the more evident physical changes that include wrinkles, gray hair along with different physiological changes like social inactivity as well as reduced sexual functions, and others. With these conditions, our body is slowed down, causing us to carry out our usual daily activities slower than we used to.

In the last years, in an endeavor to discover a solution for every disease, one possible treatment that outdid the rest is stem cell therapy. This stem cell happens to be a biological cell that promises to form into whichever type of cell in our body. It may be harvested from a variety of organs in the body, and serves as replacement of mature tissue and also repair system of our body.

Every day, different stories regarding stem cell therapy adds up to the success stories list it already has. A woman in her 80’s and a retired popular politician has been cured of her enduring chronic disease after she went through such therapy. Accordingly, she can hardly manage walking without the assistance of her cane in her period of turmoil after retirement from the public eye and disabled with illness because of old age. Following stem cell therapy, her ability to walk easily without limping as well as without using a cane was restored. She is starting to look young again in addition to the wrinkles fading away slowly.

She excitedly quipped that she never searched for the fountain of youth as aging does not bother her. What she is excited about after going through the therapy is the possibility of useful years. Human placenta, which is the vascular organ that develops inside a pregnant woman’s uterus released after birth, was used during her treatment.

All kinds of stem cells have the similar ability to develop into other various cells. Other kinds of stem cell therapy include bone marrow, fetal and embryonic, of which the bone marrow is the most usual. Stem cells derived from bone marrow are often used to treat cancers as well as blood disorders.

Stem cell therapy may be in its stage of development yet, but its viability has begun taking shape and we can hope for a better tomorrow in the field of medical research and in the treatment of many types of diseases. More and more experiments are being introduced in efforts to find its complexity, long-term adverse effects, and also the pros and cons in relevant to stem cell therapy.

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